Here are commonly asked questions. If you need more information please message us or call us on 1-800-985-1246. We are locally operated in Campbell River.

What electrical do I need to power the Hello Icebox trailer?

Any standard 110/115 volt and 15 amp outlet will work. Included is a 25' 10GA extension cord and you plug it in. We recommend a GFCI outlet if it's outside.

To prevent blowing your breakers we recommend running the refrigerated trailer on it's own power source.

You may only use the extension cord we supply. Do not use your own. We do NOT allow longer extension cords than 50' and must be minimum 10GA.

I have no electrical outlet? Or my power outlet is longer than 50' away. Can I use a generator?

If you don't have power we can include a generator or use your own generator if it's approved by us.

Generator must have minimum 4,500 starting watts (surge) and running 2,500 watts.

Ask us during your booking and we can add a generator for you.

Can I put a Beer Keg in it?

Absolutely! We love ice cold beer as much as you do so load it up!

Do you delivery outside of Campbell River, Courtenay and Comox?

Yes, please contact us as there might be extra delivery charges if we have to drive outside these areas.

How do I prepare the spot for the Hello Icebox Trailer?

Pick out a flat spot (as flat as you can) and as close to your desired power outlet. When we arrive please direct us to your spot and we will park and set it up there. We will give you the keys for the locks and that is it!

How do I prepare my foods or drinks in advance?

It cools pretty quickly and remember drinks and food will take some time to be cold. The refrigerated trailer is the same temperature as any normal fridge. We recommend an extra day to allow for all your drinks to be super cold in time for your party.

Will the refrigerated trailer get hot?

If you keep the doors open, the cold air will get out and it will be warmer. The compressor will run extra hard trying to cool it meaning it's impossible to keep it cold with the doors open.

Just like your fridge or freezer at home - if you keep the doors open - cold air will get out. It's a refrigerated trailer so if you treat it just like your fridge at home your products will stay cold.

What if there is a problem? Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions.

Can I cancel? What’s your refund policy?

Refunds are only given within 365 days of purchase. To be fair with everyone you need to know your dates in advance. Retainers (Deposits) are not refundable under any circumstance.

I have my own vehicle. Can I move it?

No, you cannot tow it. You can manually move it by hand if you like but for insurance purposes you can't tow it behind your vehicle.

Are there locks?

Of course! The doors can be locked (from the outside) and we put a trailer hitch lock on it so nobody can steal it.

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